Save Money and Time Using ezClocker

Provide your employees with a mobile time clock using their own device, manage employees' time entries and schedules through the ezClocker website or app, use GPS time tracking to verify your employees showed up at the correct location when they clocked in.

If your employees are hand writing their time sheet or have a tendency to turn them in late, use ezClocker and see how it can help you save time and effort by providing employee time sheets in real time.

ezClocker is ideal for anyone who has remote employees e.g. sales departments, construction companies, contractors, landscape, and cleaning businesses. It's also a great solution for physician offices that wish to replace their old time card system with a more modern and simple to use time tracking solution.


How Much Does it Cost?

ezClocker is an affordable solution starting with the first employee free then a payment subscription plan


Free Plan 

For 1 active


Basic Plan

Up to 15 active employees


Standard Plan

Up to 30 active employees


Premium Plan

Up to 100 active employees

Why Should I use ezClocker?

ezClocker is an easy to use application with many features including:

Time Card

Let your employees clock in/out from anywhere using their mobile device. This is perfect if you have remote employees and need to keep track of their time.

GPS Map 

Use our GPS map location to make sure employees are where they say they are. When employees clock in/out their location is saved with a GPS stamp.

Any Device

Are you using an iPhone but your employees use an Android? No problem! Our Cloud-Based solution makes it easy to support multiple devices.


Tired of using Excel for schedules? Our online scheduling system makes it easy to create schedules and allows employees to view their shift from their device.

What Our Customers Say


"I looked for months and tried out many different time keeping apps before finding ezClocker. Love the simplicity of the app, helps with employee accountability and it has saved us payroll dollars that were previously being stolen. ezClocker has truly simplified our timekeeping woes"

- Kara Hale, manager of Hale Appliance Services LLC

"With multiple employees, it’s easier for them to clock in and out using ezClocker, not just when they are in the shop but also in the field. Employees having the app on their devices is convenient for us as a business that does remote work. I recommend ezClocker to anyone who has from 1 to several employees and give it 5 stars!."

-Jazmin Saenz, owner of Garcia’s Auto Detailing

"ezClocker has made tracking my employees hours a cinch and getting that data to my payroll adminisrator..I couldn't do payroll without it."

-ezClocker app user

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