Track Your Janitorial
Crew Hours Remotely with ezClocker Time Tracking App!

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy!

We make it easy for you to monitor your employees' hours, verify they clocked in at the correct location, and protect your bottom line —even while you’re away.

No need to drive to different job sites to pickup timesheets, it’s time to eliminate manual time cards and ensure employee accountability. Evolve your employee time tracking with ezClocker and see how it feels to have more control and less stress. By keeping accurate hours for your employees, you can now know and justify overtime without the need to be onsite.

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Simple and Easy to Use.

No need to buy expensive equipment. Allow your crew to use their own iPhone or Android phones as time cards to punch in and out from any job site.

 We designed this app to be as simple as possible; this ensures that the mobile time clock works even for employees who are not tech savvy or familiar with English as a first language.

Learn more about our Best Time Clock App.

Know Where Your Crew Clocked-in From

Run your business from home or the office by using our simple ezClocker time tracking app to check on your employees.  

With a few taps you can view where your employees clocked in or out from. This will allow you to run your business from anywhere. No need for supervisors to make sure everyone is at the job site when clocking in.  

Ideal for janitorial and cleaning businesses with remote crew working at different job sites.

Learn more about our GPS time tracking app feature.

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Meet Our Customer Allan Dalangin

“ezClocker is so simple, other apps are loaded with features and hard to implement. ezClocker has just the right amount of features.

Allan Dalangin president of Gecko Solutions a cleaning service company.

Read more about Allan's story and learn how ezClocker helped him see exactly how long his crew were taking to clean each building.

Online Schedule

Tired of using spreadsheets to keep track of your staff's schedule? then you will love our online schedule that will allow you to create shifts for your employees and assign them a location. You can also add notes to each shift for instructions and address of the location so employees know where to go.

Employees can use our simple app to view their schedule, know where they need to be, and read the notes all from their phone. No more emailing or texing your employees their schedules.

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Labor Job Costing

Know what each job is costing you in labor by exporting your employees' timesheets and group them by job to give you a summary of hours spent on each job.

Use the timesheet export feature to either send the hours to your accountant to run payroll or to calculate how much each job cost you in labor.

Learn more about our Labor Job Costing Feature.

iPad Kiosk Time Clock

You can download our mobile time tracking kiosk app on your iPad; after the download is complete, switch to Team Mode and then your iPad will transform into a portable time clock device. 

This mobile timesheet will allow employees to clock in and out by entering a four digit PIN number. The ezClocker iPad time tracking app is ideal for businesses with workers at one jobsite, and/or office employees.

Learn more about our iPad Time Clock App.

iPad Time Clock App

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Meet Our Customer Kourtnee Howard

“ezClocker is so simple, and never gives me issues. I can keep track of employees and see where and when they are clocking in and out.”

Kourtnee Howard is the owner of Group K&D LLC. a Jani-King Janitorial Service company.

Read more about Kourtnee's story and learn how ezClocker helps her run her business remotely during a pandemic.

Try the ezClocker Mobile Timesheet for 30 Days FREE!

The ezClocker mobile timesheet makes employee time tracking easy! Don't take our word for it though; download the mobile time tracking app, add employees and try it out free for 30 days! See how the ezClocker mobile time tracking app can save you time and money.

Our mobile timesheet subscription plans are very affordable and you can cancel anytime.

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Features You Will Get With ezClocker

Time Card

Our mobile time card app allows your employees to clock in/out from anywhere with their mobile devices. Perfect for remote employees.


Use our GPS map location to make sure employees are where they say they are. When employees clock in/out their location is saved with a GPS stamp

Any Device

Are you using an iPhone but your employees use an Android? No problem! Our Cloud-Based solution makes it easy to support multiple devices.

affordable time tracking app


ezClocker is an affordable attendance tracking software. It starts at just $10 for 15 employees and could end up saving you a lot of money on labor costs, while increasing 

online schedule

Online Scheduling

Tired of using Excel for schedules? Our online scheduling system makes it easy to create schedules and allows employees to view their shift from their device.

export timesheets

Export Data

Export your time sheets to payroll effortless. It's easy as pressing a button and your time sheets will be exported to a .csv file that you can send to your accountant.  

See what our customers say

"Having a cleaning service, both residential and commercial, it was a goal of mine to find a way to keep track of my employees' time. After trying a few apps, they just didn't have everything I was seeking. Then there was ezClocker! it was perfect for both of my businesses. User friendly for my staff, the GPS/location system made me aware when and where they are, the quick reports for payroll and customer support was awesome. Love it, recommend definitely!!!."

-Cathryn owner of Maids with Care/C.A.R.E. Commercial Cleaning Services

"This app has been the answer to our small cleaning business problem; employees forgetting to hand write their time, trying to read their writing, time cards being turned in late, etc. Now their time cards are in on time, they are accurate and I can always refer back to it when I need to know how much time a job took so I can charge my customers accordingly. Thank you ezClocker!"

- contreras.m77, via iTunes

"Love it!!! ezClocker has made tracking my employees hours a cinch and getting that data to my payroll adminisrator..I couldn't do payroll without it."

- Charity's ipod, via iTunes

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