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Turn an Android Phone to a Time Clock

With the time clock app, Android users can use their phones in order to clock in and out of work. Additional benefits include using this time tracking app in order to view timesheets and schedules in real-life. This ensures that employees always know the time of their next shift.  

As an employer, the ezClocker time clock Android app also has benefits for you. The GPS clock in/out feature allows you to view the location and times associated with your employees clocking in and out of work. Our time tracking app also has a conjoining website which allows you to run your business from anywhere.

Time Tracking with Employees Phones

The ezClocker time clock app Android technology allows employees to easily track time. Our software is also cloud-based; this means that you can observe in real-time whenever your employees clock in or out. 

The time tracking feature also captures the GPS location whenever an employee pushes the button. This allows you, as the employer, to verify the correctness of your employees’ job site location.

Accountability with Time Tracking App

With our time clock app, Android users can view a map which displays each location where employees clocked in or out of work. This ensures the accountability of your staff and saves you from having to hire a supervisor or drive to your employees’ designated locations.

With the ezClocker time tracking features, you can easily view the map on your phone or computer. The map also has a zoom feature which provides additional location details.

Manage Employee Timesheets with Time Tracking App

You can use the ezClocker time clock app to view employees’ timesheets and total worked hours for any selected pay period. 

There are many other benefits associated with the ezClocker time tracking app. You can change timesheets, modify clock in/out times, and otherwise edit timesheets to your payroll officer within the app. 

If your employees are unable to clock in with the time clock app Android technology, no worries! You can clock them in/out by visiting the ‘Manage Employees’ tab and pressing the clock in/out button.

Employees Can View Schedules with Time Tracking App

As an employer, you can use the time tracking app to create schedules, view scheduled employees and make modifications all on the go.

With the ezClocker time tracking app, employees can view their upcoming shifts and weekly schedules. Assigning locations to shifts and providing driving directions to said locations are additional benefits of the time clock app Android technology. 

As an employer, you can use the time tracking app to create schedules, view scheduled employees and make modifications all on the go.

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You can try the ezClocker time clock app Android technology for 30 days free. Furthermore, you will see how this time tracking app saves time and money. You can also add employees and allow them to use the app for a couple pay periods; they will love how simple and easy ezClocker is. 

There are no hidden fees or long term commitments. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Features You Will Get With ezClocker

Time Card

Eliminate manual time cards and automate your process with our easy to use time clock app. This is perfect for employers with remote employees.  


Use our GPS map location to make sure employees are where they say they are. When employees clock in/out their location is saved with a GPS stamp

Any Device

Are you using an iPhone but your employees use an Android? No problem! Our Cloud-Based solution makes it easy to support multiple devices.


Tired of using Excel for schedules? Our online scheduling system makes it easy to create schedules and allows employees to view their shift from their device.


ezClocker is an affordable attendance tracking software. It starts at just $10 for 15 employees and could end up saving you a lot of money on labor costs, while increasing 

Export Data

Export your time sheets to payroll effortless. It's easy as pressing a button and your time sheets will be exported to a .csv file that you can send to your accountant.

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"I'm in LOVE This service is awesome especially for a small buisness that have employees in the field you can enter in their schedule and where they have to go they get gps to get there..."

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"I love the application.you and you boss can track the hours without any problems."

-Reginald, via Google Play reviews

"It's a great app, help you to check you hrs."

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