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Turn an iPhone to a Time Clock

Did you know that you don’t have to buy expensive hardware to keep track of your employees' hours? With our time tracking app, iPhone users who work as your employees can clock in and out of work. This time clock also comes in handy for viewing timesheets, schedules, and upcoming shifts. 

As the employer, you can use the GPS time stamp feature; this will inform you of the location where your employees clocked in. Viewing the times in which employees clocked in is another benefit of the ezClocker time tracking app. The accompanying website also allows to you run your business from anywhere. 

Employee Time Clock

With the ezClocker time tracking app, iPhones are used as a time clock to punch in and out from any job site. This time clock design is simple enough, even for employees who lack comfort or familiarity with technology.  

ezClocker captures the GPS locations whenever employees clock in or out of work. This ensures that your employees used the time clock at the correct job site. 

GPS Time Stamp

Another time tracking app iPhone benefit includes the ability to manage your business from anywhere; this is true whether you are in the office or on your way to meet a client. 

Thanks to the ezClocker time clock, you don’t need supervisors on a job site. ezClocker ensures that each employee is at their designated location when clocking in.

Employees’ Timesheets

 The ability to view employees’ timesheets and total worked hours is another time tracking app iPhone benefit. 

You also have the option of changing and deleting time entries, clocking in your employees and emailing timesheets to your payroll officer within the ezClocker app.  

Scheduling App

With the ezClocker time tracking app, iPhone users can also view their upcoming shifts and schedules in real-time. Jobsite locations are available by clicking on the shift time and finding the address and driving directions. 

This time clock affords employers the ability to create schedules, assign locations, and change shifts for their workers within the app! 

employee time tracking

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Features You Will Get With ezClocker

Time Card

Eliminate manual time cards and automate your process with our easy to use time clock app. This is perfect for employers with remote employees.


Use our GPS map location to make sure employees are where they say they are. When employees clock in/out their location is saved with a GPS stamp

Any Device

Are you using an iPhone but your employees use an Android? No problem! Our Cloud-Based solution makes it easy to support multiple devices.


Tired of using Excel for schedules? Our online scheduling system makes it easy to create schedules and allows employees to view their shift from their device.


ezClocker is an affordable attendance tracking software. It starts at just $10 for 15 employees and could end up saving you a lot of money on labor costs, while increasing 

Export Data

Export your time sheets to payroll effortless. It's easy as pressing a button and your time sheets will be exported to a .csv file that you can send to your accountant.

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"After careful review of many similar apps, the team at ezClocker gets it right. They understand and deliver. Their customer service matches their superior products."

-onedaywebpages.com, via iTunes reviews

"This app rocks! I own a small remodeling company (crew of 5) and this is the perfect app for me! Easy to use, and saves me tons of time!."

-Nick flagg, via iTunes reviews

"Great app for tracking employees' time. I have a small business with just a few employees and needed something to track time easily and this does it, I always know where I stand with labor cost and the end of the pay period is a breeze."

-Spezold, via iTunes reviews

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