Improve Accountability with GPS Time Stamp

ezClocker is an easy to use employee time tracking and scheduling software with GPS support so you can verify employees clocked in at the correct job site.

How Does the GPS Work?

When employees clock in or out using ezClocker the app captures the GPS location of the employees. You as the employer can view the GPS information on your phone or computer on an easy to view map screen. This ensures accountability and frees up your time to focus on your clients and business instead of monitoring your employees or sending a supervisor to check on your staff. 

Allow Employees to Use Their Own Phone.

No need to buy special equipment to keep track of your employees' hours, allow your employees to use their own iPhone or Android phones as time cards to punch in and out from any job site. 

When an employee clocks in or out we capture the GPS location so you the employer can verify they were at the correct job site.

Manage your Business From Anywhere

If you are at the office or on your way to see a client you can use the ezClocker app to check on your business. 

With a few taps you can view where your employees clocked in or out from. This will allow you to run your business from anywhere. No need for supervisors to make sure everyone is at the jobsite when clocking in.

Ideal for service businesses like construction, janitorial, catering, landscape, home healthcare, or any type of business with remote workers.

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Try us out for 30 days FREE!

We give you 30 days to try out ezClocker so you can see all the benefits for yourself. Add as many employees as you wish and go through a couple of pay periods to see how ezClocker can save you time and money.

No credit cards or commitments and you can cancel anytime.

Features You Will Get With ezClocker

Time Card

Let your employees clock in/out from anywhere using their mobile device. This is perfect if you have remote employees and need to keep track of their time


Use our GPS map location to make sure employees are where they say they are. When employees clock in/out their location is saved with a GPS stamp

Any Device

Are you using an iPhone but your employees use an Android? No problem! Our Cloud-Based solution makes it easy to support multiple devices.


Tired of using Excel for schedules? Our online scheduling system makes it easy to create schedules and allows employees to view their shift from their device.


ezClocker is an affordable attendance tracking software. It starts at just $5 for 5 employees and could end up saving you a lot of money on labor costs, while increasing 

Export Data

Export your time sheets to payroll effortless. It's easy as pressing a button and your time sheets will be exported to a .csv file that you can send to your accountant.