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What is ezClocker and how does it work?

EzClocker is time tracking and scheduling software for small businesses available as a website or mobile application.

Please check out this video for an overview

How much does it cost and are there any hidden fees?

You can find our subscription plans on our pricing page here. There are no hidden fees, what is listed is what you will pay.

Who pays for the subscription? Do my employees have to pay?

No, only the employer pays the monthly subscriptions. Any employees added will be covered by the employer’s payment up to the limit allowed by the subscription.

How do I pay for ezClocker?

You can pay for ezClocker in a few ways:

Why don't I see my employees' time entries on my side when they clock in?

This could be caused by:

I see my employee clocked in/out but the map says no GPS information available. What could cause this?

The employee could be using the wrong app, if they have an iPhone they need to use the app ezClocker Business, not ezClocker Personal.

How do I delete my account on ezClocker?

Why do I get an access denied message when I try to sign into ezClocker?

How do I get help for my ezClocker account?

You can contact ezClocker by visiting our contact page.