Please note that canceling your subscription will stop the recurring fee moving forward. You will have access to the content until your last subscription payment expires.

Canceling a subscription will NOT retroactively refund subscription payments. Previously charged subscription fees cannot be pro-rated based on the cancellation date.

For example, if you purchased the $5 monthly subscription on Jan 1st 2013 and then decide to cancel your subscription on Janurary 15th 2013, you will continue to have access to to your account until Jan 31st (and will still need to pay the $5 charge for that month). You will no longer be charged for any additional months after that and your account will no longer be active on Janurary 31st.

ezClocker Website Subscriptions

If you subscribed to ezClocker through the website please follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription:
  1. Log into your current account
  2. Navigate to the account screen
  3. Click the Cancel Subscription button located on your account screen

Google Play Subscriptions

If you subscribed to ezClocker through your Android device, please click the following link for information on how to cancel your subscription. You cannot cancel a Google Play subscription from the ezClocker website. Google Plan Cancel Instructions to cancel your subscription.

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